Company Overview

Systems Automation and Management Pty Ltd (SAM) is controlled and managed by its shareholders..

SAM is a medium to large sized Systems Integrator and sources its supplies, products and systems from world leaders in their particular fields..

Our principle businesses are Industrial Automation and Control, Industrial IT, MIS, MES and BMS.

The Company is characterised by its unique and extensive pool of expertise and capabilities and has access to industry experts in Europe.

SAM has branch offices locally in Gauteng, Northern Province, KwaZulu-Natal and the West Coast, as well as internationally in Namibia, Botswana and Denmark.

Our strong position in the power utility and mining markets is as a direct result of our philosophy that we must always meet the customer's needs and provide the best service.

From a knowledge aspect SAM has a larger pool of experience than most other companies in the country. Our experience will ensure that control systems and associated industrial IT systems can meet the client needs for at least the next ten years. Our philosophy is to only use products from the market leaders in all our projects and systems.

SAM’s philosophy ensures that our clients are integral partners in the implementation of any contract. This ensures a better, more efficient plant thereby reducing the cost of production. We believe in building long term relationships with our clients, most of whom are blue chip companies listed on various stock exchanges. These companies have high expectations in terms of specifications, quality etc.

From an equipment aspect we at SAM ensure that the risk remains low by supplying systems from reputable companies in their specific fields. We maintain our extensive technical knowledge of the latest systems by consistently attending the largest industrial shows in Europe and the USA.

All SAM’s projects are delivered on time, within budget and to the clients’ technical requirements. If the contract is extremely large SAM may partner with other companies. SAM also contracts out to BBBEE companies wherever possible, to ensure that small businesses also receive an opportunity to benefit from large contracts.

SAM’s approach to partnerships is such that we believe that small companies should network and remain competent in their fields of expertise. In this way the companies remain small, retain their efficiency and ensure that overheads are kept low.

At present SAM is involved in projects in the whole of Sub Saharan Africa, Aisia, Europe the Middle East and China.



SAM’s Quality Management System is designed to meet Dekra's ISO 9001:2015 “Quality Management System Requirements”.

In particular, the Project Execution Procedure consists of projects that may not require all processes; this would depend on the requirement of the customer’s needs or the project at hand:

  • Project Preparation/Contract Review
  • Analysis/Architecture
  • Project Clarification/Mobilisation
  • Detailed Design
  • Procurement Procedure
  • Build and Unit Test (Internal Tests)
  • Acceptance Testing (Client Witness)
  • Site Establishment
  • Inventory Handling Procedure (includes System Delivery)
  • System Installation
  • Commissioning (includes System Handover)
  • Project Close-Out (As-Built documentation to customer satisfaction)

Quality Policy

Quality is defined as “achieving conformance to requirements, each and every time.” To achieve this, a system must be in place to enable continual measurement and assessment, and ensures consistent improvement of business practices or processes.

The Quality Management System at SAM is designed with many process checks to ensure that the customer’s requirements are continually delivered on time, to specification and within budget, thereby ensuring customer satisfaction.

Conformance to quality procedures is a commitment from top management to eliminate inefficiencies, thus moving SAM towards a leading Industrial IT/Process Control company status.

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Our Philosophy is to deliver quality projects and services, while still making them affordable to our clients

Claudio Agostinetto - M.D.



Whether you're a professional seeking greater challenges, or a student embarking on an exciting new career, then SAM may be the right company for you!

SAM's ambition for the future would amount to little without the input of it’s team. Our staff are dedicated to making a difference. Their creativity and initiative, their perseverance and their ability to think “outside the box”, drives our success, specifically in partnerships with our clients and suppliers.

In an organisation as diverse as ours, we offer a number of opportunities and unlimited scope whatever stage you are at in your career. If you are seeking a challenge, then SAM is where you need to be.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment


Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
SAM has implemented principles and processes to successfully sustain transformation, which contributes directly to the growth and business strategy of our organisation.

SAM is a B-BBEE Level 2 contributor.



SAM aims to promote development, unlock opportunities for future growth, develop partnerships and promote sustainable livelihoods within communities.

Our Company undertakes that, where possible, to utilise people from the geographical areas within which we operate to assist with that part of the project that can be performed locally rather than importing people from elsewhere.  Similarly SAM will where possible, endeavour to procure material from local suppliers.

Our policy is supported by principles which promote:

  • Transformation, diversity and inclusion;
  • Development and responsiveness to local contexts and needs;
  • Collaboration across the public and private sector;
  • Adherence to relevant legislation and codes of good practice.



SAM supports various charities. We recognise that, through extending a helping hand to our community, we help build a better future for all.

Our Company undertakes that, where possible, to utilise people from the geographical areas within which we operate to assist with that part of the project that can be performed locally rather than importing people from elsewhere.  Similarly SAM will where possible, endeavour to procure material from local suppliers.

Each one of us can make a difference. Together we make change.

Barbara Mikulski

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Pretty much all of industry relies on PLCs for effective and reliable control. But many legacy systems are old, and newer PLCs have more punch and indeed offer better cost of ownership. It sounds simple to replace old PLCs, and it may be so.

But consider that you are running a critical process and simply don't have the time to waste while 'experts' play with possible solutions. This article makes the case for seamless upgrading of PLC systems, and hence the complete control system, and is based around experience gained with the Siemens Simatic S5 to Simatic S7 upgrades taking place on many plants...

A migration from the obsolete COROS SCADA to Simatic WinCC HMI was performed for Mittal Steel's plant in Saldanha. Two HMI systems were created: one to interface to a PLC process bus and one to a Simadyn-D process bus. The migration was performed by manually generating SCADA graphics generating tags through AS/OS compile and SPE for the respective systems. The entire project was made accessible through Simatic Manager in order to follow good engineering practice guidelines. Siemens option packages Simatic Audit, Connectivity Pack, Dat@Monitor and Logon were also engineered for the system...

A new control system based on PCS7 was to be implemented in a brewery in Timisoara, Romania. Due to the client's requirements Simatic Batch was recommended as a method through which full operator control of the control system is provided with minimal direct interaction with the low-level control logic.

The implementation of Batch through the course of the project and the current use of Simatic Batch is evaluated in this report....

The development is a building to house WesBank and certain FNB consumer divisions. The building is an example of best-of-breed, environmentally friendly development.

Several measures have been taken to ensure that, once completed, the building is super-energy efficient. The lighting management is completely automated using Beckhoff Building Automation products. The parties involved were: Claassen Auret Incorporated, the consulting engineers on this project; A to Z Electrical, the main electrical contractor; Systems Automation & Management (SAM) as the system integrator for the lighting control in this building.

Control Architecture: 24 Beckhoff CX9000 Embedded PCs managing the entire DALI lighting solution through 150 KL6811 DALI master terminals. The main goal was to allow code re-usability as well as flexibility for easy changes to the building design, as well as the energy efficiency of the entire system...

Increasing Plant and Workforce Efficiency, using Data Management & Version Control Software.

Industrial plants are becoming more automated at an alarming level and for this reason; the level of skilled staff is increasingly put under pressure, to manage the automation and associated control software. With these systems becoming more complicated, the control software is constantly being blamed for plants tripping and outages.How do we ensure that we minimise these trips, speed up the disaster recovery times and release our technician and engineers from mundane tasks such as backing up software while increasing plant availability?...

Power utility companies need to accurately measure the power produced and used by their power stations on a 24/7 basis. The energy metering and data acquisition system (Emdas) has been a standard for Eskom over the past 15 years, and was recently redeveloped using the latest technology available...

Project implementation and integration of the PPRust concentrator.

With the current skills shortage in South Africa, how does one achieve high quality first world integration when implementing a multi-billion Rand concentrator project? It makes sense when choosing quality products, to use a quality systems integrator...

Preservation of value thanks to step-by-step migration: At its high-tech Saldanha factory, the steel giant Mittal Steel South Africa Ltd. is benefiting from the advantages of a process visualisation with SIMATIC WinCC. For the hot strip production and the rolling mill of the plant, the Human Machine Interface SIMATIC WinCC Specialist SAM implemented two easy to operate and efficient visualization system based on this highly flexible Siemens SCADA software – tailormade and very economical...

Werterhaltung dank schrittweiser Migration: Der Stahlriese Mittal Steel South Africa Ltd. profitiert in seinem High-Tech-Werk Saldanha von den Vorteilen einer Prozessvisualisierung mit SIMATIC WinCC: Der Human Machine Interface SIMATIC WinCC Specialist SAM realisierte in der Warmbandproduktion und im Walzwerk der Anlage zwei komfortable und effiziente Visualisierungssysteme auf Basis der hochflexiblen Siemens SCADA Software – maßgeschneidert und sehr wirtschaftlich...

Systems Automation & Management (SAM), preferred system integrator for large projects, this year celebrates its 20th year of success in business. During the years the company has developed an enviable pool of experience in control systems and associated industrial IT that has enabled SAM to become more than a system integrator, ensuring its success in high profile prestigious projects...

Is your plant a mixed bag of different manufacturer legacy PLCs that are not networked? Would you like to upgrade to the latest control system functionality? The author's company has invested several years of research and completed several plant migrations to the latest technology with zero downtime and at a fraction of a complete upgrade cost. This article considers a phased approach to upgrade your system in a cost efficient way...

The high output demands placed on ore/coal mining operations, coupled with the advancements to rail infrastructure and technologies, necessitate that mines automate their loading stations with the latest control and automation technology...

Systems Automation and Management (SAM) was founded in June 1988 and has grown to a complement of 60 people, comprising mostly technical and engineering staff with six administrative personnel and nine panel builders...