SAM provides state of the art process automation and motion control solutions designed to increase productivity of manufacturers, utility and diverse organizations operating in today's highly competitive business environment.

SAM products are developed using the latest technologies in order to meet our client's requirements.

SAM is an approved systems integrator for Emerson/GE, Rockwell, Schneider and Siemens and has four basic business philosophies:

  • We select products from the top 3 / 4 world suppliers.
  • We offer our own developed products for niche solutions.
  • Quality in both products and service delivery by SAM is vitally important.
  • SAM is committed to long term relationships with their clients, suppliers.
  • Subcontractors and employees.
  • Most clients are "Blue Chip" companies that demand very high standards.

Software & Hardware

SAM Products

VA Historian

Visual Automation

Visual Automation, the Historian specifically designed for Power plants is a platform for the storage and evaluation of process data. The "VA HISTORIAN" product allows storage, processing and visualisation of process data from heterogeneous industrial systems.

Typical Application

Data is stored on a database server and this data is accessed via a number of client applications including:



Modular CPU

High Performance CPU for the Simatic® S5. With TCP/IP interface.

A risk-free solution to Siemens S5 PLC replacement using our new S57 processor. 


  • Applicable in automation systems of 115U, 135U/155U and 150U of the Simatic S5
  • Compatible with CPU 416 with RS 7 Software
  • Compatible with CPU 945 (941, 942, 943, 944) or CPU 948 (946/947, 928) with RS 5 Software
  • Synchronous mode: Simatic® S7 and Simatic® S5 Program run concurrently (Particularly suitable for extensions of present plants)
  • IT function (Email Client, Webserver, FTP)
  • Upgrade your Simatic® S5 PLC to an Simatic® S7 PLC in a Flash


  • Step 5 blocks that can only be ported to Simatic® S7 with high complexity, remain in Step 5 and are called from the Step 7 operating system.
  • Access to external periphery, where blocks are only available in Step 5.
  • Existing Simatic® S5 hardware andSimatic S5 programs can be integrated into systems, that do not support Simatic® S5 components (e.g. Simatic® PCS7).
  • Time-consuming and cost-intensive converting of programs is not applicable.

Typical Application

Simatic® S5 program and Simatic® S7 program run simultaneously

Upgrade Today!

  • Hardware remains constant (exception: CPUs).
  • Simatic® S5 Program remains constant.
  • Simatic® S7 Program and Simatic® S5 Program run concurrently.
  • Time-saving, cost-effective.


Energy Management & Data Acquisition System

The EMDAS system is an acquisition and monitoring system for metered inputs from power generation plants. It has a complete measurement and storage environment. It's reporting facilities include hourly, daily and ad-hoc reports generated by the users.

Executive Summary

A power utility company needs to accurately measure the power produced and used by their power stations on a 24/7 basis. The EMDAS (Energy Metering and Data Acquisition System) has been developed as a standard for ESKOM since 1995. The EMDAS system is continuously redeveloped using the latest technology available.

Based on our knowledge and experience in system integration of EMDAS Metering Schemes and a vast number of third party products/applications, we have the ability to seamlessly engineer and commission the control system as per the end user’s specifications.

Scope & Supply

The control solution offered consists of the following:

  • EMDAS metering scheme for the collection of the Active and Reactive Energy from the Energy Meters by pulse counting on legacy systems or reading data directly from networked Energy Meters.
  • Real time storage of input signal data for projection of hourly Energy data.
  • Hourly storage of input signal data for historical storage.
  • User defined signal calculation (e.g. summation, subtraction, multiplication, square root extraction, etc) can be used for group totals & energy losses etc.)
  • Comparison between Main and Check Meters with Alarm logging
  • Scheduled FTP transfer of Power Station Energy to National Control Centre.
  • Web based user interface for accessing energy data reports.
  • Audit logging of all signal or configuration changes made.
  • User Access level control.


Standard EMDAS metering Panel consisting of duel independent EMDAS systems. Pulse counting input modules expandable to accommodate site specific energy pulses requirements. Software pulse filtering and de-bounce to count the 80ms energy pulses Digital output module used for system cross checking and Alarm generation to station DCS.

All pulse data is stored within the EMDAS PLC controller card with 24hr rollover registers for hourly energy data backup that can be reloaded in case of communication failure – operating completely independently from the PC data server.

Networked DLMS and Modbus communication directly to the Energy meters allows for the retrieval of energy data as stored by modern meters. The Dot Net based EMDAS server software running on the PC continuously monitors energy data on the controller storing current and hourly values into the Microsoft SQL database. Automated FTP file transfer of hourly values is generated and transmitted on the ESKOM LAN to the National Control server.

Automated data verification by software and hardware hand-shaking and data comparison between the two EMDAS systems continually verifies data and System integrity between Main and Check energy meters and EMDAS 1 and 2 data generating System. Audit and Alarm data logs into the SQL server database. Hard-wired alarms are provided to the DCS / Station SCADA.

Typical Application

Hourly and Daily Energy reports can be viewed and printed. Data storage is only limited by hard disk space and is therefore basically unlimited.

Hard wiring of the input Energy pulses is based on a centralized EMDAS connection to metering panels by UVG cables.

Remote users gain access to the EMDAS Web server via the ESKOM LAN.

To learn more please download our EMDAS brochure...

inet SICOMP SI-131

SICOMP M Interface replacement cards

The iNET SI-131 interface facilitates the migration of a SICOMP M system to a modern standard platform. Based on the retention of existing I/O hardware it is possible to make the transition in phases. A passive phase with parallel operation and an active phase where the SICOMP is removed.


  • Data connectivity - Limited connectivity with the outside world is replaced by the iNET’s Ethernet capability with TCP/IP compatibility.
  • Faster acquisition - SICOMP M based process computer have limitations on the scan time of I/O’s. The iNET interface has powerful processors on board to off-load acquisition and control locally.
  • Integrated solution – Inserts directly into the PEF7 Racks with no external power supplies required.
  • Phased transition – can run in parallel with existing SICOMP and take control once proven.




Industrial data communication between fieldbus devices, controllers, and hosts has been and continues to be the core business of Softing Industrial Automation for over 30 years. The focal point is on the use of standardized technologies in the field of process engineering applications...

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Profichip produce a range of PROFIBUS® ASIC's (VPC3+C, MPI12x, VPCLS2 used for PROFIBUS®-DP communication) and components. SAM distributes PROFIBUS® connectors EasyConn. The connector has been designed especially for use in PROFIBUS® systems...

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Unis Group

Supplier and repairer of legacy DRIVES, DSC, HMI, PLC & Electronic control boards from most major manufacturers. visit unisgroup to learn more about their services...

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