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SAM Mech has developed a specialized design team that utilises the latest available technology to facilitate the design process. This includes extensive use of Autodesk's® Inventor software to build 3D models of all mechanical systems prior to fabrication.

This methodology has streamlined the design process and has led to improved design, shorter manufacturing lead times and elimination of fabrication errors, allowing the customer to view the equipment before fabrication is started. Only once the 3D model is completed and approved do the manufacturing drawings get generated.

We Are Specialists In WHAT WE DO


  • 3D Modeling
  • Advanced Drive Application
  • Machine Manufacture
  • Machine Refurbishment
  • Mechanical Design
  • Motion Control
  • Plant Layouts
  • Dashboard Design
  • Assembly Line Design
  • Maintenance
  • Injection Molding Machines


"Our Philosophy is to deliver quality projects and services, while still making them affordable to our clients"
~Claudio Agostinetto - M.D.~


Product Design & Developement

Product development starts at the idea generation stage. But every idea doesn’t get transformed into a successful product. Product designing and development not only requires specialized skills but also an investment of time and money. Efforts taken in product development cannot be measured only in monetary terms. A product gets its value only when the customer understands the criticality of its design and functionality.

SAM Mech helps you validate your concept and convert it into real products. Our core focus on designing includes aesthetics as well as the functionality of the product. We make sure that your product looks great and is functionally superior to other competitors in the market.

Our expertise in product designing and development enables us to provide rich and delightful experience in your product development journey. Our product development team has developed world-class products for our customers that involve rigorous research, design study, detail engineering, prototyping, and testing.

SAM Mech's Advantage

  • We help implement advanced technologies and design innovative products.
  • We reduce the cycle time and increase the scope as well as the functionality of usage of your products.
  • We remove inefficiencies and duplication in the process while managing the regulatory compliance.
  • We strive to improve the product quality while reducing the manufacturing cost across complete lifecycle of the product.
  • We tailor the products for emerging markets, improve packaging, simplify processes and strengthen value chain.



We have experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of engine lifters for use in the automotive motor manufacturing industry.

The engine lifter raises the engine from underneath while the vehicle is suspended.

This unit features a 2 ton lifting capacity.

Different height set points and a hydraulically driven base. The unit is PLC controlled to interlock different actions with the operation of the production line.

We have experience in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of suspension lifters for use in the automotive motor manufacturing industry.

This unit features a 2 ton lifting capacity.

Different height set points and a hydraulically driven base.

The unit is PLC controlled to interlock different actions with the operation of the production line.

SAM design, manufacture and commission automotive production equipment and have over ten years experience in this field.

We design and manufacture the mechanical equipment, automate the equipment and integrate the equipment with the control system.

Providing a One Stop complete turnkey production fascilty

We supply complete Andon systems, Poke Yoke, Jidoka and line control systems.

SAM Mech have experience in P&ID and piping ISO, piping design and layout experience ranging from skid units to large plant layout. Utilizing a P&ID we can generate and accurate 3d model for verification of layouts and pipe fitting.

This model shows how we can present and design complex assemblies and then render to submit for presentation, this customer required a rendered model for presentation before the prototype unit had been completed.

This shows the ability to generate complex 3D surfaces, the geometry extracted from our model is then used for cnc machining.

Large wood shaving machine designed for mass production of shavings, fully automated cutting cycle increased volume and reduced labor.

This model shows how we can present and design complex assemblies and then render to submit for presentation, this customer required a rendered model for presentation before the prototype unit had been completed.

The SAMY Laser Diamond Cutter is controlled by the “ADVANTAGE 400 Pack” for a system up to 5 axis. +/-10V as well as stepper output is available. The system is based on the powerful PMAC2 axis controller. The Pack version of the Advantage 400 has no operator panel but in the SAMY system a Visual Basic Developed User interface on a Windows platform is used for all parameter control and storage, while all cutting control is performed directly and independently by the Motion controller.

The system comes standard with a color digital Camera incorporated into the Laser Beam Delivery and displayed on the User Interface computer, all cutting positional set-up and laser focusing is done by with the camera

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The Motion Controller is interfaced to 3 (optional4) Allen Bradley 3Ph Servo Motors through the Allen Bradley single Phase Servo Drive. A X/Y table with standard travel of X100mm and Y200mm and Z stage of 50mm travel is supplied with the System with 1um Resolution...

An external Hand wheel Encoder and Axis selector is used for simple axis manipulation. An additional Rotation stage offered as a option.

The Laser is a Laser SOS Q-Switched Diode Pumped NdYag water cooled (Internal Closed Loop only) Single phase laser system Giving around 10WTemoo CW. The Standard system comes with a fully enclosed work area with three OD6+ rated laser safety windows for Front, Side and Back access to the work area. The Standard unit comes without door interlocks generating a Class4 laser product which can be changed to a Class1 laser with the simple inclusion of the optional Door switches. The Laser is fully controlled by the user from the Control computer.

Spare interposing relays are supplied standard on the system for user defined I/O expansion. Total System Power Requirements is 240VAC (single Ph) 16A max with only External Compressed air required for the Jig clamp (option) and Air nozzle (incorporated into beam delivery).

The system is delivered as a Plug and Play System Requiring only Beam Alignment and User training. The SAMY Laser system comes standard with Groove optimised parameters for Sawing for optimal Weight loss and Sawing time with a groove angle of around 2 Degrees.

All groove parameters are available to the user to be manipulated for personal requirements.

Multiple Sawing program allows the operator to set up to 20 cuts for automatic sawing without user intervention.

Table rounding and Rotation rounding programs as well as Shaping programs for Heart, Pear, Marquise, Trilliant, Triangle, Rectangle, Taper and Oval are also standard on the system. User Specific Programs can easily be added to the system using the User programs function.

View the Particle Solid Interactions Group (PSI) of the Schonland Research Centre for Nuclear Sciences located at the University of the Witwatersrand write up on the Samy, follow the link below...


The SAM APM is based on Coburn height adjustable skive controlled by a Weg variable speed drive to allow electronic breaking and speed control. The SAM spindle is lowered onto the skive by pneumatic control to a preset mechanical height.

Polishing pressure can be adjusted by adjusting the Coburn skive height. Polishing time is preset into the Beckhoff PLC. The polishing process can be paused for visual inspection and continued by the operator. The PLC provides additional error checking and interlocking during the polishing process.

The SAM ALM unit is provided as a self-contained Plug and play unit operating on a 380Vac(+-10%) 3 phase with Neutral and Earth supply. A 6 bar air supply is required for Pneumatic motion actuation.

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The SAM ALM software is a Visual Basic based program that can be installed onto a standard Windows XP based (other systems not tested) operating system. SAM ALM is not required for polishing operation but is required to change system timers and is a handy tool for fault finding. The SAM ALM software requires the Beckhoff TwinCat CP system manager to be installed for successful communication.

The Automated polishing machine was specifically designed for the Element six sample laboratory. A PLC is integrated into the polishing control allowing remote access for programming and storage of the process variables. Automated shutdown allows polishing to be left overnight with safe shut down on completion.

The rotating floating head sample mounting jig allows for the even polishing of 3 diamond samples while spreading the polishing action over the whole polishing wheel surface for a smoother surface finish and longer wheel lifetime.

The SAM MECH Doctor Rewinder is a economical rewinder/doctoring machine that is capable of running most flexible packaging materials. The machine can run in both directions and is fitted with an edge guide.

Overall Roller Length Standard 76mm Expanding shafts
Max. speed - 250m/min AC Drive technology
Max. useable width - 600mm Optional inspection table
Min. width - 250mm (depending on material)

The 2D Wire Bending Machine has the follwing features: High accuracy using servo motors for feed and bending. Easy to configure using touch panel interface. Recipe management and access to recipes via the touch panel tilting table to accommodate automatic butt welding attachment and a small footprint - 1500 x 800 mm (excluding unwind & panel).

Material & Capabilities
Wire Type Stainless Steel (800N/mm2) Maximum Feed Speed 60 m/min
Wire Diameter 2.5 mm - 6.5 mm Standard 76mm Expanding shafts
Maximum Feed Length 32 000 mm Maximum Bend Angle +/- 180
Butt Welding Attachment Larger motors for higher speeds

SAM designs, constructs and commissions custom made machines for the motor industry, an example of this is the water test bay drier that was constructed for a major vehicle manufacturer in Durban. The original drier, which was supplied when the water test bay was installed, was in a bad state of disrepair and totally ineffective even after extensive modifications.

After a period of research and testing SAM designed a moving drier from scratch. SAM always aims for the simplest most elegant solution, using off the shelf components and preassemblies as far as possible.

We used 3D development tools such as AutoCAD Inventor® which allows the customer to look and get a feel for the final product, before manufacturing starts.

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This gives the customers an "engineer's feel" as to how the product will perform.

SAM factory acceptance tested the drier on time, exceeding the customer's expectations and performance criteria.

The drier uses three large fans, blowing directly onto and around the body of the vehicle, w ith wind speeds recorded in excess of 300 km/h. The mobile drier moves up and down the vehicle ensuring a touch dry effect.

This method works much better than the previous air-knife type system. The new drier was integrated into the customer's existing control system.

This is just one example of a system custom built to customer's unique requirements regarding costs, timelines, maintainability and reliability.

With SAM's expert knowledge of control systems, drive systems, CNC, vision and all the latest innovations in the automation world, we are able to offer unique solutions where other traditional mechanical manufactures will shy away .

The SAM MECH Wood profiling machine designed to machine male dove tail onto wooden parts loaded into magazines. Easy to configure and operate.

Easily interchangable blades 15 parts/min

A high speed machine used to collate packs of food product and then seal bundles for loading into cardboard shippers.

90 Packs/min