Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

SAM has implemented principles and processes to successfully sustain transformation, which contributes directly to the growth and business strategy of our organisation.

SAM was recently accredited by a SANAS BBBEE verification agency and has achieved a Generic score card level 6.

SAM is on target to achieve level 4 by the next SANAS evaluation.

BBBEE Verification Certificate

Download SAM's accredited BBBEE verification Certificate:

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SAM, by virtue of its approach to training, continues to redress the disparities suffered by the previously disadvantaged communities.

SAM is recognized as a training institution by many Universities and Universities of Technology. SAM undertakes to employ students attending these facilities and provide them with practical training.

These students are given the opportunity to spend their vacation and other breaks undergoing in-house training under the supervision and guidance of senior staff members. This not only enhances their practical training but allows for the ongoing transfer of skills.

SAM has developed a mentorship program where students from previously disadvantaged backgrounds are assigned to a lead engineer who would, with the assistance of senior management, attempt to guide the person concerned through his / her studies and practical training and eventual professional registration with the Engineering Council of South Africa.

SAM further encourages student’s development by offering an incentive by means of financial subsidy for subjects passed.



Whilst listening to UDO CARELSE who hosted the early morning show on 702 towards the end of last year, we were very touched by a plea from the principal MAMOKETE MAGASA of the SEODING PRIMARY SCHOOL in Soweto who were in desperate need of furniture, as everything from their offices had been stolen during a break in. As we had some furniture at our offices that was currently not being used, we volunteered to donate this to the above mentioned school.  We were delighted with the response from MAMOKETE MAGASA who expressed her thanks and sent us a couple of photos.







It gives AZAREL great pleasure to confirm that we have closed out the project made possible by your generous donation at the Siqobile Day and Night Care Centre.
We must put forward our most sincere thanks for the contribution made by Systems Automation and Management (Pty) Ltd. The quality of life of thirty children has been uplifted through your kindness... Learn more download the pdf

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We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the printer that was donated to our school...

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